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Polokwane – Macadamia Life Right Show Unit Gallery

Polokwane Gallery

The Aloes

Nestled on the outskirts of the bustling metropolis of Polokwane, Macadamia @The Aloes offers tranquillity in its secluded surroundings. A proverbial village with its own, unique personality. MacLife Polokwane is modern, with an upmarket elegance in the truest sense of the word. Beautifully landscaped lawns stretch out across the vast expanse of this property offering residents freedom to move around without the feeling of being confined.  Secured access points ensure your safety as you spend your golden years in comfort with all the services you require, provided by friendly, caring staff.

Life Right Units

Currently, we have eleven Life Right units consisting of both 1-bedroom and bachelor units, with a further eleven units envisaged by 2018, thus totalling twenty-two units. These homes have been built to accommodate you in style and comfort, and to ensure that all the required amenities and safety features are in place for easy-living. To contact us in Polokwane, click here.

Care services:

  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Health monitoring and Care planning for all residents
  • Home-based care
    • Catering
    • Laundry
    • Domestic services
    • Garden services
    • Handy man services
  • Attentive care
  • Respite care
  • Memory care

Macadamia Care Centres are operated by a team of qualified people, providing 24-hour care support.

Other accommodation in the Village:

  • 66 freehold 2-bedroom / 3-bedroom independent lifestyle units
  • 12 freehold 2-bedroom / 3-bedroom assisted living units
  • 124 sectional title apartments in close proximity to the Macadamia Care Centre for assisted living
  • A secure, gated community with an electrified perimeter fence and controlled access via an intercom system from the gate into each resident’s home
  • 24-hour emergency assistance for all residents via a portable panic button
  • A modern, well-equipped Macadamia Care Centre with in-centre accommodation for individuals requiring 24 hour care
  • A range of big-city amenities a short drive away
  • Manageable size gardens that are not enclosed, creating a park-like environment with paved walkways
  • A set of House Rules to ensure a quality community-living experience for all residents


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